In the dark about what serums do or whether you should use one? You are not alone! Many of us are having the same questions.

In essence, serums are concentrated skin treatments that contain a few active key ingredients to address specific issues like brightening, dark spots, wrinkles, etc. These actives are typically much more concentrated compared to what you find in creams and other products. To ensure that the actives are able to quickly and efficiently penetrate your skin, serums usually do not contain fillers like emulsifiers or emollients.

Because of their potency, a high quality serum can take your skincare routine to the next level! Loaded with the best of the best, a serum has the potential to give your skin exactly what it needs, in potent quantities that are otherwise difficult to reach.

INFO BOX: And if you are wondering – serums, ampoules, and boosters are all essentially the same thing. Some might be more concentrated than others, but the wording is mostly a marketing jargon for products that basically function very similarly.

You can use your serum on two occasions: In the morning or at night. In both cases make sure you apply it before your moisturizer. Some might even prefer to use the serum all by itself, which is totally cool with us!

If you have a normal skin type, you can pretty much choose whatever serum you like. However, for those of us who have different skin types, the type of serum that is recommended differs significantly.

Oily and acne-prone skin: For oily skin, your serum should amongst other things target excess sebum production. Look for serums that contain salicylic acid.

Sensitive skin: The purer the list of ingredients, the better. Look for serums that include calming ingredients, which soothe and help the skin to establish a healthy barrier.

Dry skin: Lack of moisture is key here. Therefore, serums that are particularly hydrating are recommended. Those with natural oils often do the trick.

Combination skin: Hydration in areas where you need moisture and oil elimination in others – Sounds tricky? For this skin type, experts recommend serums with hyaluronic acid.

When it comes to applying the serum, be aware that you do not actually need to use the serum over your entire face. Sometimes it is completely sufficient to apply the serum only on those spots that you’re trying to treat.  

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