Water-based Cleanser

The most important step in your routine?

Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser

Water-based cleansers – aka foam or gel cleansers – are the second pillar of the Korean double cleanse. Most of us have experience with this popular cleansing option and swear by its efficacy. But do we know which type favours which skin type? We believe that there are important differences worth knowing about. For simplicity’s sake, let us separate them into foaming and non-foaming cleansers.

Foam cleansers are based on some sort of surfactant to create a foamy, bubbly lather that binds to dirt and oil. They come in many forms, liquid, gel, or cream, you name it! All you need is a small amount of cleanser to work up a nice lather to clean your whole face – making foam cleansers last quite a while usually. While foaming cleansers are fun to wash with, they tend to be quite drying. Interestingly, many Korean skin care brands’ foam cleansers are formulated with less harsh formulations and natural ingredients to counter this drying effect. This means, while generally foam cleansers were not deemed suitable for dry and sensitive skin, many Korean products have proven quite the opposite. Klair’s Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser is one of those examples that has shown us that foam cleansers do indeed work well for dry and sensitive skin.

Water-based cleansers are only one pillar of the Korean cleansing routine. Do not forget to use them together with an oil-based cleanser for maximum results.

Non-foaming cleansers include gentle gel or lotion type skin cleansers marketed for those with sensitive and dry skin. Often criticized for not doing a proper job, they are less common in the Korean skin care routine. However, there are non-foaming cleanser types that are more favoured – Micellar water and cleansing water. While they have a similar effect, they are not the same thing. Micellar waters work with so called micelles to attract dirt and toxins and coax them out of your skin, whereas cleansing waters have more toner and serum like functionalities with additional cleansing properties. But enough for now, this is a topic we will definitely dive in deeper at a later point.

Finally the questions arises, how do we use a water-based cleanser? Most of you know but for completeness’ sake let us have a look. After the oil cleanser is thoroughly rinsed off, add foam or cream cleanser to your face, with gentle upward circular motions. Rinse off with lukewarm water. And voila, your face should be clean and ready for the next steps of your skin care regimen.

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