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Korean Sheet Mask 101

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Some call it the soul of the Korean skin care routine. The Sheet Mask! In Korea women are known to use them daily! Sheet masks come as a one-size-fits-all sheet that is drenched in a variety of serums and vitamins. Depending on the type of masks, these serums aim at everything from preventing acne to anti-aging. One thing all of them should have in common though is that they provide your face with intense moisture and hydration.

Why not take the serum directly some might ask? The special design of the masks allows your skin to absorb the essences and lock in the moisture by hindering evaporation and increasing skin temperature. In addition, the masks are the perfect on-the-go hydration wonders.

Sheet masks aren’t a replacement for a good skin care regimen. Instead use them as a weekly pick-me-up or before a special event to give you that extra boost of moisture and glow.

To use sheet masks effectively, follow the below steps:

  1. Start with a freshly cleansed face
  2. Apply toner for better effects (recommended but not necessary)
  3. Tear open the pack at the top and take out the mask. Be aware that the mask is wet and might drip.
  4. Unfold the mask and lay it on your face – adjust holes to fit eyes, nose, and mouth
  5. Find a use for the excess essence in the pack and apply it on neck, shoulders and hands.
  6. Take selfie (recommended but not necessary)
  7. Zone out for 15-20 minutes (check instructions)
  8. Take off mask and discard – No need to wash your face after

Two special tips for sheet masks that we really like: You can flip the mask halfway through and use the other side to make sure your skin soaks up the maximum amount of essence. If you have a bathtub, put the mask on during your bath. The opened pores allow for a more effective transfer of the active ingredients into your skin.

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