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Like all good stories, this one begins with a journey. Mid 2016, one of kocono’s founders found himself on a plane to Korea, a long-due return to the country of his cultural roots. Upon hearing he was in Seoul, many of his friends urged him to bring back an array of Korean Beauty products that were unavailable in Europe at that time. It was when he was about to board back home, besides him an overweight luggage filled with an assortment of Korean cosmetics, that the idea of kocono first started to take shape.

Soon after he got back, he teamed up with two long-time friends in Copenhagen to make his idea a reality. The plan was to develop kocono into a curated online shop for natural and organic Korean cosmetics, making only high quality products available for beauty forward woman in the Nordics. Animal testing was to be avoided, and so were parabens and most other questionable ingredients.

Today, at kocono the customer is king queen. Our team is working with industry experts and bloggers to carefully curate and vet every product that makes it to the web shop. With all our heart, we want to make your purchase an experience, and slowly make you as enthusiastic about Korean beauty products as the rest of the world has been for a while.

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Our product philosophy at kocono is very simple. To begin with, we are all about natural products. We select brands that focus on using natural and gentle ingredients in their formulas – Organic if possible. We also love animals. Naturally, we chose to focus on cruelty free products that avoid animal testing. To go a step further, we also decided to actively include vegan brands and products in our portfolio – you’re welcome little pandas. Finally, we only pick stuff that works. To this end, we put a lot of effort into carefully researching and vetting the quality and customer experience of each product we offer.

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We are all about natural products. We select brands that focus on using natural and gentle ingredients in their formulas – Organic if possible. Each individual brand is thoroughly screened for their commitment to this cause. In the end this philosophy is not only good for your skin, but for the entire planet.

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We love animals. This is why we focus on cruelty free products, that are not tested on animals. No cows, monkeys, or pandas should be harmed because of us! We want you to feel good about what you are putting on your skin, not only result-wise but also conscience-wise.

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We love animals a lot. To reflect this, we actively look for vegan products to include in our product portfolio. While such products were historically under-represented in the global skin care market, they have become more and more prevalent, and we hope to feature a lot more going forward.

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We offer products that work. The only products that have a chance at kocono are those with a history of success and great  customer feedback, and  of course with ingredients that work. Eventually, we are only successful if your skin feels better after the product than it did before.

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